Elocution Lessons

What is Elocution?

The dictionary defines elocution as the skill of expressive speech, with distinct pronunciation and articulation. Some people are natural speakers and have a tendency to pronounce and clearly distinguish their words, but others struggle with effective communication skills, Elocution enables speakers to clearly voice themselves with good diction, enunciation, sentence structure and a defined thought process.

These principles are

Articulation – This is the ability to put thoughts into effective words, to phrase and enunciate to deliver proper speech.

Voice – The importance of speech can be affected by pitch, pace, rate, modulation, tone and breathe. Modulating the voice while speaking helps avoid a monotonous tone and greatly improves the impact of the speech.

Accent – The social surrounding of everybody greatly influences how we speak. Learning to emphasise on the right syllables in order to pronounce words correctly, greatly improves a person’s overall communication, confidence and understanding skills.

Inflection – This is the ability to modulate the tone of speech so as to express a grammatical attribute of the word, such as tone, mood, gender etc.

Gesture – The movement of hands, body language and overall facial features while speaking greatly aid in the effectiveness of speech. Voice and facial expressions enables us to become better, confident speakers.

Do You Need Elocution Classes?

Are you confident enough to speak in front of an audience? Are you aware of the stance needed to speak on stage?  Do you choose the correct words to express their ideas?

Can you read a speech with the correct tone and voice modulation?

Are you aware of voice projection or the ability to modulate your rate and volume in different situations?

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