Launch of Poetry Book 2021

Speech and Drama crest

I endeavored to engage with my students in both the reading and writing of poetry. I have found that children are very open to poetry and naturally like it. They don’t require encouragement to read, consider and reflect on poems. I see poetry as an effective vehicle for teaching students to develop skills in oral language, reading and writing. 

I first introduced a “Write your own Poem ” in my 2011 annual class Feis, we have since published 2 editions, including a “Write your Own Story” section.  Once again Covid 19 has altered our plans for 2021 but I’m delighted to announce we will publish another book of Poetry and stories in  May 2021.

The great charm of poetry lies in its ability to become a shared experience between reader and writer. When you write the sense of achievement is amazing. As a poet, the students now have to examine the thought process, imagery and rhyme. Through the power of poetry, readers now are able to make connections to the poems they read. By bringing their own background experience to the poem, young writers find more meaning in their poems and appreciate them more. Through the use of vivid imagery, “our poets” are able to help the reader envision the picture he/she had painted with words. 

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