Policy and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

Our Code of Behaviour

Our code of behaviour helps us to make sure that everyone at Mary Whelan Fox School of Elocution, Speech and Drama  is safe and free from harm.


  • Treat everyone fairly.
  • Listen to what children and young people have to say.

Children / Young People

  • Co-operate with leaders instructions.
  • Do not tolerate bullying.


Welcome back to classes, as you would expect we have to update some housekeeping rules for this year. 

We ask that parents / guardians are patient with each other and us so that we can all work together for the benefit of our students and staff as we embark on a new term in September. 


We require that each child will need to be registered online on our website https://speechanddramaathlone.ie/speech-and-drama-sign-up/ at least 2 weeks before coming to the first class.

Payment for term fees can be made online via our website, via EFT, via Revolut or in cash. Term fees must be paid in full by week 2 of classes. You are not covered under insurance if class fees are not paid in full. 

Please take note of the disclaimer that you (the parent) should keep us informed of any changes in your child/children’s health. We must also be informed of any special needs, resource teaching hours and learning difficulties. 


Group Class times are 45 minutes in duration. Individual Tuition is an agreed time (usually 30 mins) between the student and school. 

Although we cannot chat on the door, we are still available to discuss any issues by phone or email outside of class times.


Students should arrive as close to their class start time as possible. Mary Whelan fox, School of Elocution, Speech and Drama are not responsible for students outside of their class times.

Parents/guardians must drop and pick-up on time to ensure the smooth running of the schedule.

Students should not present for class if they are feeling unwell.

Students are asked to have a class folder every week with a pen/pencil and a notebook. They are asked to bring their own water bottle. 


We have limited numbers in classes. The exact class numbers have been determined by the venue size and qualified teachers per class.

No eating (or chewing gum) in the venues is allowed.  You may bring your own drink.

Toilets will be available for students but, if possible, we ask that students go to toilet before attending class.

Parents Co-operation

1. In order to help ensure children and young people’s safety and welfare, we ask parents to:

2. Bring and collect children on time for the class.

3. Staff are not responsible for children outside of programme hours.

4. Inform the teachers if someone else is picking up the child.

5. Give us any relevant information (e.g. health, ability, emergency contact).

6. Follow directions of staff (facilitators/leaders) when requested.

7. Complete and sign registration and consent forms for programmes as requested.

8. Going forward we will need to communicate with our parents by email/text for transparency. 

9. All enrolments are paperless and online. There is a separate GDPR form that must be read  

10. Payments for classes can be made online or cash put in envelope with Child’s name, age and parents email address.

We look forward to welcoming to our 2024/2025 classes