Presentation Skills

Have you a presentation to give? Is there an interview you really want to succeed at? Have you a fear of speaking in public? Is there a wedding day speech on the horizon?

Whether you want to sound more formal, take the edge off a regional accent or change a communication habit that no longer works for you, we will arm you with the tools, knowledge and guidance to be in charge of how you come across. All of our Courses are delivered one-to-one. Your coach will design a bespoke course for you and be there to support you on your communication journey as you start using the tools in your everyday life.

Online communication can make being clearly understood even more of a challenge. So with the majority of businesses and teams currently working remotely, clarity and excellent communication skills are more vital than ever. We will support you to ensure that you can be your virtual best, clearly understood, highly effective and always confident about how you come across. All classes are held online over Zoom. All courses are tailored to match your own unique needs and goals.

Course Content:

  1. Voice/Breathing/ Posture/Projection
  2. Speech preparation/Elocution Exercises/Grammar

          Cost: 5 X 30 minute sessions   €150

Course Content

    1. CV preparation /mock interview
    2. Improves confidence, communication and credibility
    3. Tips on how to succeed on a zoom interview
    4. Cost: 2 X 45 minute sessions   €80

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