Recent Speech and Drama Teachers of Ireland Feis

In a showcase of talent and eloquence, students from across the country dazzled the audiences at the prestigious Speech and Drama Teachers of Ireland Féis. The hybrid  event,  saw students send videos for the heats and the top 12 in every category qualified for the Live Finals 2024. Blog  This was  held in Dublin, and  brought together young minds to compete in various categories,  displaying exceptional skills in Public Speaking, Poetry, Prose, and Reading.

In the Public Speaking category, the top three spots were claimed by outstanding local students who captivated the audience with their powerful words and confident delivery. Taking the coveted first place in the Senior  Competition was Shashwat Somesh, whose commanding presence and compelling message left a lasting impact on all who listened. Securing second place was Toomas Donoghue whose eloquence and charisma resonated with the judges. And in third place, Patricia Rybakava
impressed with her speech on tattoos  poise and articulation. Srinidhi Karthik took 1st Prize in the Intermediate Final, followed by a close second in Molly Lennon. Jessica Gavin was highly recommended for her talk on rural Ireland.

Moving on to the creative categories, the winners of Create your own Poem, Prose, and Reading showcased talent  that brought their unique style and interpretation to their performances, leaving the audience in awe of their creativity and skill.
Among the winners, Siofra O Reilly and Muireann Kennelly who stood out for their own  heartfelt poems that touched the hearts of all who heard them.  In the Poetry category, Sriniyaa Karthik wowed the judges with their lyrical prowess and emotional depth. The Prose category saw Isla Murray shone with her storytelling abilities, weaving a narrative that transported the audience to another world. And in Reading,  Shraddha Somesh 1st  prize impressed with their impeccable delivery and engaging performance.

Mary Whelan Fox (teacher) congratulated all the winners of the All Ireland Speech and Drama Feis, and also commend every student who participated in the event. Your dedication, hard work, and passion for the arts are truly commendable, and you have all contributed to making this Feis a resounding success.
To the winners, we applaud your talent and commitment to excellence. Your achievements are a testament to your creativity and skill, and we look forward to seeing where your journey in the world of speech and drama takes you next.

The All Ireland Speech and Drama Teachers of Ireland  Feis has once again proven to be a platform for young talent from Athlone, Moate, Ballinasloe and Glasson to shine, and we are proud to celebrate the remarkable achievements of all the participants. Here’s to a future filled with more opportunities to showcase your brilliance and inspire others with your artistry.

Congratulations to all!

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