Scary little devils!

We had wonderful parties and recitals in all venues this year.

Step right into my lair, where darkness reigns supreme,
Where the air is thick with mystery and screams.
Welcome, little ones, to this Halloween delight,
A devil’s welcome, where fear takes flight.

Enter if you dare, through the creaking door,
Into a world where nightmares come to the fore.

Ghouls and goblins await, ready to play,
In this haunted lair, on thee eerie days.
But fear not, my little guests, for this is all in fun,
A Halloween party, where mischief is done.
Enjoy the treats, the games, and the fright,
As we celebrate this spooky night.
So, welcome to my lair, where darkness takes hold,
Where Halloween magic unfolds.
May your night be filled with thrills and delight,
In this devilishly wicked Halloween night.

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