Speech & Drama Classes

School of Elocution, Speech & Drama Communications & Presentations

Benefits of Speech and Drama

  • Great Fun!
  • Develops an Awareness of Performance Skills.
  • Develops an Awareness of Working with Others and Team Spirit.
  • Provides an Introduction to Drama and Literature.
  • Encourages Individual Creative Styles.
  • Develops the Voice and Personal Awareness.
  • Improves Clarity and Fluency of Speech.
  • Improves Communications.
  • Increases Confidence.
  • Develops very important Interpersonal Skills.

Bring out the best in your child through Speech and Drama


The benefit of Speech and Drama is twofold: each student who attends a drama class should learn to have an appreciation of drama, acting and theatre but in a relaxed and friendly environment where the needs of the individual student are catered for.

Students  work on theatre games, improvisation, scripts, mime, movement etc. but will also gain confidence, improve their social skills and work on inner development.



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